Welcome to AudioPhil's Website.
AudioPhil is the no-fuzz, get-the-job-done music player you've been looking for. It is free and open source software released under the 3-clause BSD-License.
The latest version is 0.4.2 and is considered beta quality.
AudioPhil is developed by Lorenz Quack <don (at)>
AudioPhil is not yet feature complete. Here are some of the features implemented so far.
Currently there are only source releases available and can be found on the project's sourceforge page. AudioPhil has the following dependencies:
Everybody likes screenshots. These shots were taken on my netbook so the layout is a bit cramped.
showing the Media Library Playlists and Media Library Media Library and Sidebar also showing the Sidebar; different layout.
minimal Layout only showing the Playlists Minimal Layout only showing the Playlists Playlists with controls Minimal Layout with controls
This is an incomplete list of features I want to implement before the 1.0 release in no particular order